I'm looking for someone interested in starting two new businesses. One site is already 99.9% complete, and ready to be promoted, and shared. The second site I'm interested in working on is an entertainment site, with numerous features.

I'm interested in hearing ideas, so feel free to email me. I'll open up about the first business via e-mail, as it's safer that way.

I have a CCBill account, meaning I have access to Visa sales, as well as revenue splitting. I can set up SMS sales, selling images, and clips, online via SMS messages. We could have an entertainment site, including a blog.

There are many things that could be done via the SMS api I program with.
The only limitation is it will have to be a personal business, and not a world wide marketplace, where everyone can sell. That doesn't mean we couldn't take on a small clientèle of sellers, if we did plan to sell people's content.

I'm looking for someone that really wants to grow businesses. I love working with a partner, and hate working alone. I have dreams for both sites, and the first site would be awesome to see fly. This summer will start the first business, and that is almost ready. We can pass out flyers, talk to people, social network.

I really need some one that is interested in making a business go.

Saint John gets priority, for proximity.

Feel free to shoot me an email if this intrigues you.

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