Welcome to FCM CANADA

We are a marketing company for large events, night clubs, as well as frat and house parties. We are an adult marketing company that pays you to go to these places and go all out and crazy. This is not your average 9-5 job our benefits will amaze you! How would you like to travel to different cities for free? That's so simple in our company that's just one example!

We want you to make money at all times we don't restrict you to set hours or days. The more money we can pay you the happier you are the harder you work. It is a very good business motto! We want the girls that are down for whatever and want to make a lot of money. Open minded people in our company are the people who make an average of 20,000$ a month and upward.

If you're interested in a job and don't want to waste time and send endless emails. Please write a brief description about yourself, your age, attach 3 photos and a contact phone number. All proper responses to the ad will be responded to within 12 hours.

Thank you

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