I am a man with a fetish for stripping games. I like to get women naked by beating them at games, and I enjoy the risk that I might be the one who ends up naked first.

I want to play strip poker and other stripping games with attractive women. No physical acts will occur between us. As far as I am aware this is completely legal.

I will pay you $150 for two hours of your time, in a hotel room or other safe neutral location. If you would like to bring a friend for safety, I'll pay her too (as long as she joins in!). If you would be OK with us using your home for this instead of a hotel, I'll pay you an extra $50 as well.

You don't need to be able to play poker. There are lots of other games that we can play that are easy. And it's fine to be shy and embarrassed - that's part of the fun!

I am not looking for an escort encounter - I don't want anything to happen other that what has been described above. I am ideally looking for someone who would never normally do something like this and who might enjoy it at least a little. Please be prepared to send a photo of yourself (clothed) when I email you back. I will keep your secrets if you keep mine :)

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